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Do you like beach music events? 

Beach Music

Bo The Webguy

Bo the Webguy has been promoting beach music events for over 16 years. Some of the biggest events in beach music have been promoted by Bo on various websites.

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Big Events in Beach Music*

  • Ocean Drive Beach Music Festival
  • Triangle Beach Music Festival
  • Capital City Wall to Wall Ball
  • Shama Lama Spring Fling
  • Legends of a Beach Music Christmas
  • Triangle Beach Spring Fling
  • Big Fish Schtick
  • Conched out in the Keys
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime
  • Myrtle Beach Daze
  • The Beach Music Cruise
  • Paddy Day Weekend at the Galleon
  • Flem Whitt Beach Music Festival
  • OD September Fest
  • Paradise Beach Blast


* Some of these Events are no longer being held

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